How to provide an endpoint

If you want to implement the DeadlineAPI for your conference you need to do the following:

Add all fields you want to the json file. You can find the official fields in the schema documentation. Feel free to add your own fields, but ideally prefix custom fields with ext_ to mark them as extension fields. Otherwise you might have conflicts with later schema versions.

Of course the fun starts with providing an endpoint with dynamic data. Either you can write a piece of software yourself or use software written by the DeadlineAPI community.


Your server should be reachable via HTTPS to prevent websites having problems with mixed content warnings. You should also provide CORS and Content-type headers so that JavaScript based web applications can query your endpoint directly.

Don't want to run your own?

In case you down want to run your own endpoint but still want to share deadlines with the community. We run our own endpoint under and you can participate via PullRequest into the endpoint GitHub repository.